Interview with Ryan Childs- Front Magazine Editor

Can you tell me more about your background – how did you get into the industry?

I Kind of just fell into it! Been shooting now for around 4 years and I absolutely love it!  I’m pretty much self-taught and before photography I served in the Royal Navy worldwide on destroyers.

Where are you based? 

I’m based at Millwood Photography Studios in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester. It’s a purpose built studio spanning over 3500 square feet and two floors.  Such a great space to work from! I spend most lunch times playing pool or on the Xbox- the studio really is a home from home.

What attracted you to the industry?

I think the biggest thing that attracted me to the industry was the sheer diversity of the people you meet. I love the creative challenge of producing work that clients will love. Like in any industry you are only as good as your last job so it is important as a photographer to be constantly striving to become better with every shoot.

Can you tell us about your process? Do you have any rules when shooting? 

My biggest rule is if possible get to know your subject. That is learn as much as you can about who you are shooting. If practicable I’ll usually have a sit down and a chat and engage as much as I can. An emotional connection with your subject is vital if you want to produce quality work.

Also its important as a photographer to have a great assistant. My right hand man Jordan has been  instrumental in my success and I consider my work very much a team effort.

Biggest Influences? 

Perhaps my biggest influences are that of music. From classical pieces like Handel’s Zadok the Priest to various tracks from Eminem there are plenty of artists that influence my work. Photographically I don’t follow anyone else- the reason for this is that I believe that to be a truly great photographer you must be sure to develop your own style and not worry about what other people do.

My Dad, a great photographer in his own right has been a real help and influence to me too.

What would you say are your best or most significant shots so far in your career? 

I would say my most significant shoot that got things rolling commercially was my first shoot with Sinners Attire. Johnny Edlind was flown in from Sweden at a high cost to my client so the pressure was on to produce top quality work. It has been amazing to see the brand develop into what it is today. Seeing FC Barcelona’s Neymar wearing the brand gave me a real buzz and my involvement with Sinners Attire continues to this day.

My shoots with Jem Lucy have been a real highlight too as she is just amazing to work with. Her passion and drive to produce great shots seem to resonate from her very core and some of my best work has been with her. it’s a real pleasure to shoot with Jemma as often as I do.

Perhaps the most manic shoot to date was the one I did for Ace Vestiti- I shot 6 agency models in the space of a day. I was exhausted after the shoot but it feels good to see my images being used so frequently both on social media and on their website.

What Are You Working on at the moment? 

I’m working on several projects at the minute with trips to Iceland and Spain in coming months being a highlight. I’m looking forward to shooting the new range for My Common Goods plus I love working with newer brands such as We Don’t Panic London and Mr Kreem Clothing. I have also launched a portfolio service in Ibiza with Kyle Beamont (Face of Sinners) so am looking forward to getting out there this summer for some work and play! The main brunt of my jobs are commercial fashion brands but I also shoot a lot of portfolios both for new and established models who want to add something unique to their work.

Who is your favourite model to shoot? 

Jem Lucy of course! Other favourites include Andrew England and Ross Worwick. In addition, I also have a good range of in house models I use for various projects. Katie Royle is perhaps the most exciting prospect I’ve seen as a model for long time and I have been helping develop her portfolio. She has already shot for some great labels such as 304 and Ace Vestiti. Check her out she is awesome!

Any models you haven’t took pictures of yet but would like to? 

That’s a difficult question! I’m not really sure as I love shooting with anyone who is passionate, creative and who loves being in front of my camera!

Interview from March 30th 2017